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I’m here to change how you experience healthcare.

My hope, is to inspire my clients to fall in love with movement,
and to give them a process that uses honest and clear strategies
to optimize their wellness lifestyle.

Your health is unique. I invite you to join me and feel connected.
We’ll build your resiliency, achieve results, and most importantly
have fun. – Lisa

Lisa Witzlib is a board certified nurse practitioner, endurance athlete and founder of Witzlib Training. A visionary with a love of sport and movement, respect for science, and fascination with human behavior, she’s committed to working collaboratively with clients and closely with data to achieve the distinct and authentic results for which she is known.

With a career spanning over twenty years, Lisa is well regarded in the fitness and wellness community. As a former master trainer with global brands Les Mills and TRX Training, she collectively assisted in designing and has delivered over 150 training courses, reaching aspiring fitness professionals throughout Canada and the United States. Her dedication to development has touched over 2500 instructors that she cherishes as her fellow colleagues today.

The structure and discipline of sport continues to shape the essence of Lisa’s philosophy. As an accomplished cyclist and Ironman athlete, she knows the importance of having a support system to aid in establishing intentional and consistent results.

Lisa received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her commitment to serve her clients with continued excellence, including physical and mental-health care, led Lisa to pursue further credentials in medicine—earning a Master of Science in Nursing from Emory University.

While education is important, you will often hear Lisa credit her perspectives, motivations and ambitions to her own personal adversities—to which we all share—and to which she believes ultimately define the essence of our self and our values.

At her core, Lisa Witzlib is a passionate leader who loves what she does, and loves doing it as a friend and teammate with her clients.

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